Stik Figa x D/WILL- We Don’t Die



And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell (Matthew 10:28)   Stik and I are finishing up out 5th studio project #JOBB.  With all of the madness that is going on just 250 miles away from us we wanted to give y’all a reminder #wedontdie #uplift 

New Album Reset Available NOW!!

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Ive been so excited for y’all to hear this album!!  So much love and honesty went into making this thing–  Shout out Wanda Jae and Kustoo for the feature verses much love to you both and Justin Mantooth for the incredible master engineering.  Be sure to cop this LP on iTunes and stream on any and all digital platforms!  Your support of this record helps me give you more art so support and share the links

much love D/

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Meeting with god video


RESET DROP OUT part 2 + Journal Entry: “Soar”

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I intended for “Soar” to be the first track on reset because it was the first song I created after I had the idea for the album.  As I created beats I just felt like I wanted to push myself more and although this beat is fire– I scrapped it.  I absolutely love the verses and prolly will use them at a later date for something especially the second verse!  I actually have a version of this song with Wanda Jae singing on it so this could possibly land on her album.  5 days until the reset and I couldn’t be more excited– so much good news on this record and I feel like its a new beginning for me as a producer.

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Crate Me #499 Bobby Bland- I wouldn’t Treat a Dog


The hit on this record is “aint no love in the heart of the city” which Kanye West murdered for the Jay Z hit “heart of the city”.  But Bobby Bland’s Dreamer record has Joints on it!!!!  This record is in my top 25 albums of all time– and my favorite song on here is “I wouldn’t treat a dog”  The pain and disgust in his voice– I think every man has felt like this… its like your so mad that you can’t believe it.  Comedian Dane Cook has a great bit on this moment.

Great groove from the roll tom snare roll in –horns on 1…sheesh CRATE ME