Only 50 #uplift bands left!!!!!!!!



Yo– so thankful that so many of you all have ordered the #uplift bands!! Family let me explain somn– lamb and lion,, the music and the#uplift bands arrived to me as dreams… multiple dreams– dreams I couldn’t shake or stop thinking or talking about for months My brother John-Alan and I share a passion for the kindom!! We sit together pray, study script and seek the voice of the bridegroom– then make moves accordingly not only for followers of Christ but for ALL!!!!

That’s why the#uplift is so important, we need to be encouraging each other. World history has marginalized *ye voice* and beat us up enough!!! It’s time to turn the tide. Nobody is perfect– as a country we hafta pick each other up instead of instagraming the fall. There are still a few of these #uplift bands left hit the store tab and cop–. All the monies go toward the movement.

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Peace and respect

*Demo draft* Customer Service #reset





Here is a demo joint I decided to remove from my upcoming project “Reset”.  I really like this joint but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the project, normally i would just kill this but figured id let y’all hear.  Its a song about spending money you don’t have just to fit in or fill a void of happiness.  There is nothing on earth that you can buy to sustain happiness!!  Its gotta be inside– I believe god has given us all something to sustain happiness…its something that nobody can take away too!!  Whats yours?  For me its music… thats my gift from god– it allows me to create my own happiness.

If you are reading this and you feel that piece of your heart/happiness is missing– its god shaped.