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Throat Chop #1771 – Tornado In California


For those of you that dont live in the middle– This is what a tornado feels like.


Throat Chop #6558 – Own 2 (first flip)


Stikfiga and I decided to leak some of the b-side joints that will not appear on our new album JOBB.  I told yall when I posted the first leak that I had flipped that Diana Ross sample a few times before stik chose the one he rapped on.  Well, For this fridays “throat chop” Im giving  yall the first flip of the sample in which I think Izzy was gonna rap on… but anyway– chop a friend in the throat with this banger.

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Olive Juice

Slum Village -LOVE IS featuring Bilal & Illa J

Slum sound so much better over dilla beats

STIK FIGA X D/WILL “Own 2” b-side (Demo)



Here is the first of the 3 leaks Stik and I will be giving yall.  If you are hip to my TSAF series you have heard the first verse of this joint before.  “own 2” is an amazing song about integrity– Its a Dianna Ross sample that I flipped about three times before stik chose this one to rap on.  I absolutely love this joint and the vibe of it.  But– We already have a song on the record with a similar feel tempo and sample wise entitled “No Hez”.

“Own 2” is a slow cooker.  The vibe is heavy and the sample has lots of layers…part of the reason why I love it so much is the drama of the sample.  “No Hez” has the same swing of this one but bangs alot harder and stik is a bit more sinister in his delivery– kinda scary, he recorded it in 1 take and after it I was like “bruh you ok” lol.  Mos def a different side of him that even I dont see much.

I believe the sample on “No Hez” is a Steely Dan one but I cant remember–  pretty sure tho because I sat with Aja this summer for a bit.

“So I write a rhyme that Im fine to die behind”  — Such an easy going bar for Stik.  Its complexity holds true to our record tho #JOBB we just like you!!– we work hard and grind daily to provide for our family.  My father always told me not to make statements or promises that Im not willing to stand behind.

JOBB is the real deal man…Im telling you

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Yo Stik Figa and I have completed our 5th studio album entitled JOBB.  All the recording and mixing is complete, Im pretty much the hold up now lol.   Our first LP “Hello and Goodbye” dropped December 2009, then “Alive and Well” August 2010, “Happy Hour” April 2011 and the slept on “Crown and Coke” August 2011.  4 full records in 2 years before we decided to take a break and work on solo records.

Now JOBB!!!!!!!!!

The growth on this record is undeniable–

Ive had people hit me up about a Stik Figa x D/WILL b sides album, but truth is every song we have ever recorded yall have heard.  We pretty much just go with the songs that we create.  Some artist and bands make a bunch of songs and pick out of those for the LP, up until JOBB we have not done that.

With JOBB we took our time a bit–  I really wanted to capture it feels like to hangout with us on this album more than just random joints.  Stik and I have friendship outside of music, random calls during the day to uplift each other or just to bull around about how we hate our jobs.  I used our friendship to fuel the overall production of the record.

We created what we thought we wanted for JOBB but as I began to mix and produce the overall feel of the record a couple of them either didnt fit or were to similar (same beats per min, drumkit, content, ect.).

Over the Next couple months we gonna give you those, the lead single + video, cover art and a preorder and release date …Keep it locked right here or on our BandCamp

olive juice


Throat Chop #0391

Throat Chops



I have so many new sounds to share with yall–  Ive been experimenting with so many new sounds and styles.  Still keeping it as raw as can be for that dirt sound I like–

Protect ya neck b

Nas- Hate Me Now (D/WILL Remix)


One of my favorite Nas Joints off of “I am”.  I really liked “I am” when it first came out– Alot of people hated it…  the only nas joint that I really didnt feel was Nastradamus– it had some bars on there tho’


One Foot On The Ground The Other At The Bottom Of A Dying Ocean (instrumental) EP


This instrumental was created while exiting a very difficult time in my life.  Great sonics on this record.  Press play sit back, relax and be encouraged!



Bible Barz


My faith + My beats


Heartfelt Anarchy (eight one sixty in studio) + interview


big shouts to @concertchris and KC. INK magazine. 90.9 The Bridge.

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