Last summer Stik and I drop’d our record “crown and coke”– It record #4 of our “and” series!  Our first leak off this album was a song called “sheepskin”-  This song has one of those long stories behind it but imma make it as short as possible.

We recorded the song in one take and we probably had too much to drink during our studio session… so the night we recorded it– it sounded great but the next morning it sounded like shit!! hahahaha

The joint is super simple– I chopped ERRRRR…looped the drums from kanye west’s “heard em say” and found some dope brass sounds from a Boots Randolph record.  This is the only song on that record i made with my asr 1O and it shows. peep

It was the last song we recorded to finish the album and i wasn’t happy with just letting that version fly-

so i loaded the asr up with some moog and synths sounds and kinda recreated the joint so that i would ride a lil more.  Stiks flow on it is so simple and relaxed and i wanted to make the beat more interesting and arpeggiated.  I wanted it to feel like a dream.

Hit the discography tab above and check out the rest of the record!!