F E A R (instrumental)


This is just a chunky soulful sample groove that gently morphs into live instrumentation– Crazy


Ive been feeding off of soundcloud for inspiration as of late.  I love it!  Its such a great way to keep connected with a community of artists and get a bit of instant gratification.  Ive had a soundcloud profile for a while but never really used it (prolly shoulda) but Im enjoying it now– swing throo and if you have a soundcloud add me

Steel sharpens Steel




Got an email from a young visual director telling me he loved my work– said he peeped my Ready, Aim, Beautiful project and wanted to shoot a video for it.  I linked with him for lunch at blue bird bistro and immediately we clicked– jokes on jokes and we both shared a love for God and Madvillain.

Several weeks pass and we are linking once or twice a week to talk music and possible video Ideas then one day he goes– ” In addition to making videos and directing and stuff…I rap too”  Then proceeded to unload bars on me!!  hahaha–  It was a great moment because it was all about the lyrics, passion, and hunger.  That moment spawned BLK FLANL

Barrel Maker X D/WILL = BLK FLANL


Keep Coming Back (video)


This video is from the RESET Lp I dropped last year.  It made some pretty nice waves for me and shared the message of grace and love from Jesus Christ.  One of my favorite songs ive ever written–  Hooked up with Barrel Maker to direct this one and he really hit a home-run!!  This Video landed on various hip hop blog sites included the premier christian hip hop site Rapzilla.

Much love, and no matter how low or rock bottom you feel your life is– get up dust yourself off and KEEP COMING BACK



Stik Figa x D/WILL- We Don’t Die



And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell (Matthew 10:28)   Stik and I are finishing up out 5th studio project #JOBB.  With all of the madness that is going on just 250 miles away from us we wanted to give y’all a reminder #wedontdie #uplift