FOTW Occurrence 9 | Reset Listening Session




My new album RESET is available right now on all digital outlets!!!  Here is a link for iTunes

This FOTW is my media listening session at westend studio– it was dope because I got to explain each joint and the press and friends got to listen to the album at full quality!  check it then got cop RESET



New Album Reset Available NOW!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.17.14 PM


Ive been so excited for y’all to hear this album!!  So much love and honesty went into making this thing–  Shout out Wanda Jae and Kustoo for the feature verses much love to you both and Justin Mantooth for the incredible master engineering.  Be sure to cop this LP on iTunes and stream on any and all digital platforms!  Your support of this record helps me give you more art so support and share the links

much love D/

Buy my brand new album “Reset”

Meeting with god video


RESET DROP OUT part 2 + Journal Entry: “Soar”

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I intended for “Soar” to be the first track on reset because it was the first song I created after I had the idea for the album.  As I created beats I just felt like I wanted to push myself more and although this beat is fire– I scrapped it.  I absolutely love the verses and prolly will use them at a later date for something especially the second verse!  I actually have a version of this song with Wanda Jae singing on it so this could possibly land on her album.  5 days until the reset and I couldn’t be more excited– so much good news on this record and I feel like its a new beginning for me as a producer.

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RESET DROP OUT + Journal Entry: “Let Me Work”

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This joint is a pretty revealing one lyrically and was a last minute cut– I mean the day I delivered the flash drive to the mastering engineer last minute cut!

Maybe 3 years ago or more Izzy (heartfelt anarchy) and I played at the american royale here in Kansas City.  This was pre what heartfelt stage show is now, no mask, no lights, no finger drumming, just Iz rapping and me behind turntables.  We rocked hard that night tho’! — so hard that they asked me to dj for a while after our set.  After our set the promoter approached Izzy and I and said “Marc Ecko is here and wants to meet y’all in his trailer”

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Reset Lp artwork & tracklisting

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.17.14 PM

reset back cover


Can’t wait for you all to hear this album!!  7/21/14 iTunes and all other digital outlets will host this record– Ive yet to set a price for the album but it will be affordable. Member on the old school nintendo and sega how sometimes the screen would just flip out and you would haft reset it?!  That was the inspiration for the album cover.  Peace to the homie James Ramirez on the artwork, homie is a beast and I’m blessed to have him as a friend and collaborator.  Also, Peace to Kustoo for the killer verse on “nowhere to hide”  we will link again in the future my G!  Peace to Wanda Jae for her incredible vocals on “Crucifix pt 2″.  This fall Wanda and I will be releasing visuals and singles from our upcoming project.  Wanda is an amazing talent I’m very honored and blessed to be producing her debut album.  Finally Peace to Justin Mantooth for the awesome mastering on this thing–  Ive never had a record mastered, normally I just do it myself with the mix experience I’ve gained over the 8 years of creating.

“Reset” is very layered!  As I have stated in previous posts– Ive taken my time with this process of creating this record from the raps to the beats.

Stayed tuned

Ready. Aim. Beautiful (instrumental EP)

ready aim beautiful


Here it is my instrumental FreEp “Ready. Aim. Beautiful.” to carry us until my emcee/producer project “reset” drops on iTunes 7/21. “Reset” is soulful but it pulls and tugs at the speakers a bit. With Ready. Aim. Beautiful I  created a small beautiful/complex instrumental ep because I kept having dreams that I needed to lol.
woke up one morning over the top thankful!!!! I mean everything was awesome– from the taste of the coffee to the crispness of the blue sky It felt like someone had just saved my life or somn. I was in tears of joy from sensory overload and I was so thankful. For a few weeks I would wake up in the mornings with these extreme feelings so I decided that I would use it as inspiration!  Stay tuned family “Reset” is gonna be a big record and ill have plenty of updates and visuals, but until then enjoy “Ready. Aim. Beautiful.”  If you want more insight on “Ready.Aim.Beautiful” just drop me a line in the comments and I got you.

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Reset Update 30



My project “Reset” has entered the mastering phase– Im so nervous.  Im such a hands on type of cat where it feels weird not being apart of this process 100% .  Although,   I have one of kansas city’s best mix and master engineers working on it.  Justin Mantooth is a monster on the boards and he understands the sound I want.   Met with him last week we chopped about music and life– he told me some awesome Ideas for the mix down .  If all goes well…then the album will be released digitally 7/21/14 !!  RESET!!!  10 songs — Until drop date imma give y’all as much of the inside content as I can.  This record means a lot to me because its my story of why I need to slow down my life and ultimately- Reset.

I really wanted to connect and listen to god during the process of making this record.  I wanted the process to be pure and every time I felt that external factors were influencing the music– Id shut down for a couple days, reconnect with god, reset and restart the process.  To get a better understanding of what I’m talking about check out my “kill me” single from a few months back.

Of course Reset is full of soul– but not entirely like my “lamb and lion ep”.   Reset definitely has some banger moments on it and some of my best pocket barring to date– can’t wait for y’all to hear it

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New music| P.U.K.E (Snippet & Summary)

puke cover 2

Every since I released the image last month Ive gotten tons of Facebook and Twitter questions about it.  Even my own brother was like “ay D! Why you barfing everywhere?”  As always I give y’all the inside scoop on the record!!  I decided to include a summary attached to the song because the message means a lot.  Check out the joint and listen to the summary at the end and it will all make sense!

The cartoon image of me is so dope that I pressed up a few limited edition mens shirts– Buy one before I run out!!