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Beat Sale This Week Only!!!


My beat sale kicks off today!!!  Im so excited– Big shouts to the homie john-alan!!  Its simple 5 beats $500 hit up thelionwashere@gmail.com for the beat tape, pick 5 of the 60!!!!  send payment, get beats–  That easy 1,2,3… The video below provides a lil more detail.  Big announcement later this week too!!

Much respect

Northland Feature!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.45.36 PMA few weeks ago I sat down with the Northland mag– it was awesome, had some coffee and talked god and music.  My new album reset is about 80% done and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!  Still debating on how I want to release it tho.  We have some awesome art, campaigns and merch for this record so its gonna be a lot of quality art for y’all to cop!

For the first time in my career I feel like I’m in a good space on the music and business end of things.  Ive been centering my focus around god and not my ego and that has seemed to make things make more sense.  Have you ever gotten to a point where you surrender to god– ya know.. you be like “god you know what I’ve tried this thing my way…. and it sucks…Imma surrender and let you work”

Thats what the reset is about.  Its about waking up everyday prepared to let god work– years ago before my grandfather passed… well before he did.. he told me that blessings are not earned.  Nearly 15 years later Im just now understanding what he meant.

“The Reset” is near, my team is strong, God is the greatest creator of all time– possibilities are endless.


check my Northland feature here


D/WILL Sampleology- Stik Figa Look What They Made Me Do


Gonna let y’all hear some of the OG samples of the songs I produce.  On Tuesday Stik and I leaked out a demo version of our new joint for his upcoming tape called “look what they made me do“.  Lots of great feedback from the joint and there is plenty more where that came from!!

I wanted to create a rider joint without the use of an 808 kit.  Wanted it to feel real player and I knew I had achieved that when Stik spit his first bar “Covered in sauce dipped in butter…”  Absolutely perfect!!!  I love those horn stabs too.

enjoy the first of many Sampleology!!!